Rejected Messiah (Mars Song)

from by Plastic Spacemen

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From the album "Vs. The Barbarian Invaders From Outer Space" (1997).


There's a light shining in my heart
So bright it shines right through my ribs
And out the other side.
The principle behind it
Cannot be identified.
And my body's just a membrane
Between the world and my mind.
The things around me and my brain
Are smeared together, intertwined.
I see what others cannot see,
cannot feel, cannot hear.
So as you stop to look at me
Standing here, year by year,
I'm more than I appear.

I can see you laugh at me
But don't you ever wonder how
I so easily guess the truth?
You've laughed at mine so many times
And kept yourself aloof.
But as Daedelus said to the other guy
Your wings will melt if you fly too high.
And if like Icarus you try
To reach the sun, you'll fall and die.
Ignore me if you will, that's your own affair.
Let your wings melt. I don't care.
All who see me must beware.
No-one can stop what I prepare.
I can go anywhere.

When I want to be all by myself
So I take myself to Mars.
Where Earth with all its problems
Is just one of many stars.
A blue ball creeping cross the sky:
Wax and wane, rise and set.
Across a void vast as the divide
Between what you want and what you get
No buildings, fences, walls or rooms
There's no-one there to point and stare.
I can scream and cry, howl at the moons
To a small degree I'm finally free,
No-one to bother me.

I'm finally free.

No-one to bother me.


from Classic Crème Brûlée, released December 10, 2014
written by Haesler

Martin Evans: drums
Paul Haesler: acoustic guitar, vocals
Brett Harrington: electric guitar
Warwick Holt: keyboards
Philsten M. Merkin: bass, backing vocals



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Plastic Spacemen Melbourne, Australia

From the Seas of Europa to Melbourne, 1993-98.

Studio albums "Exhibit A" and "Vs The Barbarian Invaders From Outer Space" are now available, along with the compilation "Classic Creme Brulee" (drawn from both albums and elsewhere) and two live albums. ... more

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